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Gorsuch Fan - 17" - 3 Blade


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Gorsuch Performance Solutions has developed an ultra lightweight composite fan to replace the GM 19" steel 4-blade fan.  These fans are extremely rigged and hold there shape, move air at speed, and the smaller diameter fits the radiator better with less clearance issues.  The 17" 3-blade fan has a 5/8" diameter center bore with a standard bolt pattern.  This high pitch fan moves the maximum amount of air while robbing minimal horsepower which makes them ideal for crate engines.

  • 17" Composite Fan
  • 3 Blade
  • 5/8" Center Bore

Highly recommended to use a fan shroud for maximum airflow and rock protection.  Cross member shields should also be used to keep car from dragging track and scooping mud up into steering rack / fan area to ensure maximum life of components.

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