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HUR-1745000 #1

Hurst Roll Control - Stainless Valve

HURST  |  Part# HUR-1745000

In Stock



Hurst Shifters "Roll Control" is the only line lock with a billet stainless steel body for the ultimate corrosion resistance.  Built with a fully enclosed, epoxy molded electrical coil for reliability, but can be easily serviced for cleaning or rebuilding.  This anti-roll kit is adaptable to most hydraulic brake system with 12 volt negative ground systems, but is NOT for use on ABS systems.

Kit Includes:
  • Roll Control valve
  • Indicator Light
  • In-Line Fuse Holder
  • On/Off Button Switch

Categorized under:
  · Brakes » Adjusters, Shut Offs & Valves » Line Locks