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HOW-22320V #1

Howe SCREW-IN Upper Ball Joint - K772 (+0.5" Long)

HOWE  |  Part# HOW-22320V

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Howe ball joints offer very low resistance while still fully capturing the ball to maintain alignment. All Howe ball joints are user rebuildable with an unmatched selection of interchangeable studs and housings. The alloy steel ball studs that are process coated for low friction and long wear. Rugged steel housings will withstand impacts that will destroy other ball joints. Unlike cheap copies all Howe Ball Joints are made and assembled with pride in the U.S.A..

* Howe Low Friction Screw-In Upper Ball Joint with 1-1/2'' taper
* Fits Pinto taper
* Equivalent to Moog K772, AFCO 20034, QA1 1210-105
* Stud is 1/2" Longer then stock
* Stud Total Length (Dim L): 3.84"
* Replacement Stud HOW-22335