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OUT-10-1020-02BLU #1

Outerwears Air Filter PRE-FILTER W/ Top - 14" X 5" Element - Blue

OUTERWEARS  |  Part# OUT-10-1020-02BLU

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Outerwears was created to fulfill a desperate need to keep the Air filter and engine clean. Racers and engine builders were experiencing loss of horsepower and engine damage due to sand, dirt, and other debris prematurely packing (clogging) the filter and often passing through the filter into the engine. Filters loading up with dirt meant loss of horsepower and in many cases loss of a race. Race crews were noticing severe engine damage due to dirt entering into the engine. Thus, a true need for a product designed to keep out additional dirt without interfering with airflow was necessary.

Pre-Filters unique polyester material contains uniform, micron-sized openings to allow air in while filtering out the grime that will eventually clog an air filter or breather.

  • Color Blue
  • 14" Diameter
  • 5" Height
  • Covers Filter Top

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