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BPO-01-10W40R #1

*** Sold For Racing Engines Only ***

BRAD PENN HP OIL  |  Part# BPO-01-10W40R

In Stock



New look, same product - Brad Penn Oil is now PennGrade 1 Motor Oil. PennGrade 1 delivers excellent shock load and high temperature protection to heavily stressed engine parts. It's 1,500 ppm Zinc and 1,340-1,400 ppm Phosphorus contents provide the needed anti-wear protection to critical engine parts, such as piston/cylinder walls, roller cams under heavy valve spring pressure and especially those that employ a solid “flat tappet” type system. PennGrade1 power comes from its base: 100 percent pure Pennsylvania-grade crude oil, recognized as one of the best worldwide sources of high quality lubricant base stocks. Known for its green color and exceptional ability to cling to metal, this stock is tenacious. It minimizes wear when stressed, even during dry or cold starts. It has a long track record of proven quality, still refined in Bradford Oil Field in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

  • 10W-40 oil weight
  • Synthetic blend
  • "The Original Green Oil"
  • Sold as 1-quart bottles 
  • Enter quantity 12 (case) for discounted price

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