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Cometic SBC MLS Head Gasket - 4.100" Bore - .066" Thickness

COMETIC GASKET  |  Part# CMT-C5246-066

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Cometic MLS head gaskets are constructed from multiple layers of stainless steel for strength and contain load-controlled embossments that conform load distribution across the sealing area. This creates an exceptional seal by requiring less clamp load--resulting in less bore distortion. The stainless steel outer layers are coated with FKM (VitonĀ®), a high-temperature and chemical-resistant polymer. A topcoat of PTFE aids in resistance to fret and increased cold sealing. MLS head gaskets are available for most aftermarket cylinder heads; as with all of Cometic's MLS head gaskets, no sealants or re-torque is required.

  • 4.100" Bore
  • 0.066" Compressed Thickness
  • Multi-layer Steel
  • Small Block Chevrolet

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