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FSR-TP-24CH #1

FSR Triple Pass Aluminum Radiator - Chevy - 24" X 19"


Out of Stock (call for availability)


FSR Triple Pass Aluminum Racing Radiators can lower water temperature up to 30 degrees. Available with Chevy Inlet and Outlet these radiators are 100% Aluminum Constructed, Furnace Brazed and 100% Pressure Tested. Made in the USA. An FSR Triple Pass Aluminum Racing Radiator passes the water through the radiator three times before exiting the radiator providing a drop in operating temperatures up to 30 degrees. All hose inlets and outlets remain in the stock location to avoid relocating radiator hoses and replacing the water neck. A triple pass requires greater flow than a standard radiator. It is recommend that you use 1 to 1 Pulleys a high volume water pump and use no restrictors in the water neck.

  • Triple Pass
  • Chevy Outlets
  • 24" x 19" (Width x Height)
  • 3" Thickness
  • 1-1/2" Upper Hose (driver side) 
  • 1-3/4" Lower Hose ( passenger side)
  • Aluminum Construction

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