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ACL-5M1038H-01 #1

Acl Main Bearings - SBC 400 - Race - .001" Less Clearance**if Plastic Packaging Is Opened, There Are No Returns Or Exchanges !!

ACL AUTOMOTIVE AM  |  Part# ACL-5M1038H-01

In Stock



ACL's Race bearings, or H-series, are recognized as a premier brand throughout the motorsports industry.  H-series bearings feature an increased level of eccentricity which compensates for distortion at high RPMs, and bearing retention is improved with a higher crush.  The edge of the bearings have a large chamfer for better crankshaft fillet clearence, and the elimination of flash plating on the back creates better seating and improves heat transfer.  Superior engeering, and bearing design along with a half-century of manufacturing experence give ACL Race Series bearings the endurance and ability to perform where others can't. 

  • SB Chevy 400 Main
  • 0.001" Less Clearance
  • H-Series