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BIL-S7G-6020 #1

Bilstein (36mm) Small Body Racing Shock - 7" Stroke - Rebound Valving = 6, Compression Valving = 2

BILSTEIN  |  Part# BIL-S7G-6020

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Bilstein SG Series S7G mono-tube gas shocks feature the latest development in shock valving technology; digressive valving. This delivers a new level of control by damping slow suspension movements more effectively while not allowing the chassis to be upset by sharp bumps. Bilstein has set the standard for years in Winston Cup, Indy Car and Formula 1. Now it's setting the standard for Modifieds, Late Models and Open Wheel.

  • Monotube gas pressure construction
  • Bilstein's famous consistent, fade-free performance
  • 1-5/8" steel body
  • 7" stroke
  • Comp. Length:  12"
  • Extended Length:  20"
  • Compression Valving: 2
  • Rebound Valving: 6

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