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RQP-711021 #1

Racequip Racing Harness - 5-POINT - Blue


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Racequip's Latch & Link 5-point harness sets exceed SFI 16.1 rating and utilize a locking lever system to retain the belts.  This system holds all of the belts in place by a pivoting Hammer, or Duckbill, that locks in place by snapping down into a detent.  These belts can be adjusted at either end for easier installation, and utilize a pull down style lap belt.  This harness set has 3" indivual shoulder and lap belts, and a 2" anti-submarine belt.  Belts are made of premium polyester webbing, and come with drop-forged steel ends for bolt-in mounts or can use hardware for wrap around mounting.   

  • SFI 16.1 Rating
  • 5-Point Latch & Link Locking System
  • Premium Polyester Webbing
  • Pull Down Style Lap Belt
  • Bolt-In or Wrap Around Mounting
  • Drop-Forged Steel Hardware
  • Double Adjustable for Easy Installation
  • 2" Anti-Submarine Belt
  • 3" Sholder Belts Adjust from 20" to 62"
  • 3" Lap Belts Adjust from 20" to 60"
  • Blue

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