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AER-53-084520-B #1

Aero 53 Series Wheel - Silver - 15"x8" - 2" Offset

AERO RACE WHEEL  |  Part# AER-53-084520-B

Out of Stock (call for availability)


These Aero wheels are IMCA-approved and are the most widely used beadlock wheels in this association. Aero manufactures special rims to avoid the runout problems caused by using a torch or plasma cutter to trim rims to size. Inner and outer beadlock rings are CNC laser-cut to ensure consistent quality and accuracy. Mud cover tabs are incorporated into the inner ring eliminating the need for welding. Aero's 53 Series roll formed wheels' beadlock ring uses 16 Grade 8 zinc plated bolts and washers. Aero 53 Series roll formed beadlock wheels also include a mud cover installation kit.

  • 15" x 8"
  • Beadlock
  • 5 on 4-1/2" Bolt Pattern
  • IMCA Stickered 
  • 23 lbs
  • 2" Backspace
  • Silver